Vivint Solar
South Jordan Station

We STACK the deck
in your favor

Simply put, we build the best buildings, for the best companies, in the best locations. We do it right the first time. We quite literally get “out of the box” and deliver awesome looking design and unmatched amenities, all with the efficiency you’d expect. Whether you’re a 5,000 SF or 500,000 SF tenant looking for your next HQ—We’re your solution. Let us STACK the deck in your favor.

Andrew Bybee & Nathan Ricks

Nathan Ricks

Developer. Builder. Networker. Competitor. Pilot. Rancher. Biker. Horseman. Dad. Husband. Grandpa.

Andrew Bybee

Developer. Builder. Competitor. Biker. Runner. BYU Grad (Accounting). Back-Country Snowmobiler. Backpacker. Dad. Husband.

Here are a few of the 75 clients we are currently working with.